CENT LLC has several products under development, with one focus being medical applications, specifically cancer.  The proprietary nature of R&D limits prudent disclosure of information to the public until there is a new product launch announcement.

A general description of the CENT technology is that uniquely complex CENT nanoparticles are core-shell structures in which the shell is heated by energy emitted from the core.  All other nanoparticles used as heaters involve heating of the shell by a continuously applied external field (electric, magnetic or electromagnetic). Cancer treatment is one application of intense R&D activity at CENT LLC.

Specifically, most forms of cancer are particularly sensitive to heat, with only a mild elevation in temperature (about 10C) for a few minutes being sufficient to kill the cancer cell.  In addition, proteins (including monoclonal antibodies) that locate and bind to cancer cells also can carry CENT nanoparticles to those same cancer cells.  These facts combined with the unique CENT technology could offer a revolutionary treatment approach to a wide variety of early- and late-stage cancers.

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